General conditions of sale

Translations of our terms and conditions have been drafted to facilitate their understanding. They are only indicative and cases can not inadvertent errors in translation or interpretation of the same faith to translation, only the terms in french are authentic.


Atelier Red Rose Floral Creations, SARL with capital of € 5,000,
33 Chemin Darbousson 06560 Valbonne offers distance selling and delivering flowers, plants and bouquets
compounds as well as gift items (vases, Soliflores, candles etc ...) on the websites for brand
commercial "Workshop Creations Floral Rose Red" and / or "Wikifleurs. and / or

(hereinafter the Website).
All orders on the Website constitutes your acceptance of all of these Conditions
online sales (hereinafter Terms and Conditions-CGU), as well as deliverables out of area "ACF Rose Red" and / or
product chains floral transmissions, the acceptance of their own respective Terms taking effect
Soon we pass the order to the chain this being confirmed by email.


These Terms set out the rights and obligations between the Client and the ACF SARL RED ROSE under the
sales through the website above designated.
They apply to all orders made ​​on the website.
Any contrary condition by the Customer will, in the absence of express acceptance, unenforceable against the ACF SARL
ROSE RED, regardless of when it may have been brought to its attention.
The fact that the ACF RED ROSE SARL does not prevail at a given time of any provision of
These Terms may not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent
those conditions.
These Terms set out the particular steps to follow to conclude the contract electronically on
the Website.
Only the French language is the language proposed for the contract.
RED ROSE SARL ACF reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these Terms. Terms & conditions
applicable are those in force on the day of your order.

2.a THE SITE and / or
websites (hereinafter "the Site") are the property of SARL ACF RED ROSE who manages
The composition of the site, all text and images presented are protected under Intellectual property and its
dependent rights, reproduction or representation, even partial, is prohibited
It is the same for catalogs (texts, visuals and images) Interflora, Téléfleurs, Florajet, for which we have
as authorized Member, obtained permission to use.
SARL ACF RED ROSE undertakes to inform its customers on specific constraints that would disturb
temporarily or permanently all or part of the service for the delivery.
must know and accept confirms:
That it has read and accepted irrevocably present conditions of sale.
-What personal data will be recorded (excluding bank details) in order to create a file
-It asked the florist to make and deliver to himself or a third person or plant flowers or gifts that
can be realized by another florist, through Interflora networks or Téléfleurs Florajet or (if the choice was
done on the catalog of these networks presented in the site, Sarl ACF Rose Red is Accredited Member of the
networks) in this case the Terms Interflora and / or Téléfleurs and / or take Florajet relay from the retransmission
the order made ​​by the customer by Sarl ACF Rose Red one above chains, GTC are
implicitly accepted. (CGV strings are presented on the website Terms Wikifleurs)
-That the realization of products depend on the supply of the season so that the display can also vary in
depending on the creativity of florists.

watch out

The composition of cut flowers can be modified according to the prices of flowers and plants
and seasons.
-That the information provided to the ACF SARL RED ROSE are fair and sufficient for the product to be delivered in
the best conditions (mandatory recipient's phone, address, date of delivery, message, floor, building,
digital code ...). The information given by the buyer when making an order it, and when an error
in the address of the recipient and phone numbers, Acf Rose Red and florist are running
not be held liable for failure to deliver the product.
-What we strive to deliver the product to the address indicated, however, in underserved areas or
regions with high living standards, we reserve the right to refuse the order, especially for small budgets
That it shall specify if it does not want a particular color.
-What if the florist running a problem when performing the command (stock, colors ...), it retains the
right to contact the customer.
-That the order is performed by activation of the link
"I confirm my order"
on the website page containing the summary of your order, and therefore, while accepting the process of
order and these terms and conditions.
- That the prices of the products and TTC is indicative and does not include delivery charges, transmission charges.
The amount of the additional price (shipping) is calculated according to the destination (see our list), if you
want to deliver a creation in a city not listed in the list. Thank you to contact us
- That the credit card is the only means of payment on the site Acf Rose Rouge, AGRICULTURAL CREDIT or Paypal
ensures secure payment
- Whether the order is not final until it has been confirmed by the payment of the price by the buyer knowing that
payment by credit card triggers a systematic request for authorization and debit any release howsoever
the cause involves the abandonment of said order by Acf Red Rose.
- It must honor the price of the order recorded on the Internet, according to the General Conditions of Sale by Map
banking (Identification number and expiration date, security code)
The AGRICULTURAL CREDIT or PAYPAL ensures secure payment. All information exchanged between your
computer and our website is encrypted and therefore can not be read in plain text.
- That by mutual agreement between the parties, the data recorded by the LLC are the ACF RED ROSE
evidence of the nature of the content, the terms of the date and amount of the order
- That the realization of this product depends floral supply Florist running, season, customs
local related event.
- It is not possible to guarantee the delivery time of floral product during a major festival (Festival of
Mother's Day, Grandmothers, ...), he notes that in these cases the delivery can be made the day before or after
the date requested. Otherwise the delivery is provided in 24 hours after placing the order.


-in case of refusal of the addressee to accept delivery, the order will be completed and delivered and that the
customer will be notified by email (if it has given us details).
-that in the absence of the recipient and after the florist has filed a Notice of passage, the order will be
as completed and delivered.
-Notice that in view of passing the recipient must contact the florist running at the address listed on
the advice and go to the store to take possession of the command that it is intended. The second edition
is not compulsory.
If the shelf life of floral product are exceeded when the recipient occurs, the product will not be him
be issued and the order will be carried out.
-as if dissatisfied despite the care we provide to our creations and deliveries, it must express its critics
Red Rose with Acf customer service by e-mail at the following address: and / or
see "4. consumer" for more detail.
The Customer declares to be a consumer and order via this website, for personal and unrelated
live with his professional activity (hereinafter the Customer).


To order, the Customer selected on the Internet or the products they want to buy the site and filled a good
order by filling in all required fields, and, if desired, the fields designated as
The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of the ordered products and their suitability for their needs.
Published photos are illustrative value, realization depends on the season and artistic creativity florist
In case of error in the address of the recipient Ltd. ACF Rose Red can not be held responsible
the impossibility in which it is to deliver the flowers.
Orders are not final until they have been confirmed by the payment of the price by the buyer.
Customer certifies the veracity and accuracy of data provided to ACF SARL Rose Red, and particularly in
For data relating to the recipient of the command. Otherwise, the order could not be delivered.
Responsibility SARL ACF Rose Red can not be held thereby, and the price of products ordered and
that shipping could be no refund.
The order is accepted by ACF SARL Red Rose after the full payment of fees completed
In case of unavailability of the product ordered, the Customer will be informed of this situation and can either
SARL ACF Rose Red, to deliver a product of a quality and a price equivalent, or be refunded without delay and
later within thirty days of payment of sums paid. Beyond this term, these amounts are productive
interest at the legal rate.
For all orders placed on the site with a VAT invoice will be exited either to an individual or
a business. This invoice will serve as confirmation of the order containing the essential elements of the
control (recipient address, sender, address, date of delivery, time of delivery, the date of the order,
message numbers of the order / invoice prices include VAT, delivery costs, VAT).
Phone number from recipient mandatory, the florist may at any time contact the recipient
whether it is present at the address indicated.
If the telephone number or other information is not false or are on order and these
data pose any problems for the smooth running of the command, in no event shall the
florist will be questioned.
Fraudulent orders.
A complaint will be brought to justice for any fraud or malicious command.


For information and questions about an order on the website, or scripts, the Customer may
Contact SARL ACF Rose Red at:
- Email: and / or

- Address:
33 Chemin Darbousson
06560 Valbonne

- Tel:

TUESDAY TO FRIDAY 9:00 to 7:00 p.m.


The order is subject to a summary on the website that allows the customer to verify the details of the order and
including the price and the information provided, and to correct any errors, before confirming it.
SARL ACF Red Rose acknowledges, by email, of the order and placed by the Customer.


The command can be performed at the discretion of the Client, by withdrawal or delivery shop.
Customer chooses the online option by checking the box provided for this purpose. For products catalogs Interflora
Euroflorist, the customer agrees that the order is executed within the network concerned, subject to the common
chosen to be served by the florist running (if impossible of execution, the customer will be informed in
promptly and the order will be refunded in full, opening this impossibility in any case entitled to
reimbursement of additional amounts to the price actually paid by the customer, or damage and interest whatsoever.


If the Client check the withdrawal shop option, he chose the day and time range that it wishes to withdraw its future
After confirming the order and full payment, an order number is communicated to him. This number must be
maintained by the Customer will be asked by SARL ACF RED ROSE when removing the control store.
The command is to remove the following address, date and time range selected (and in the limit of hours
indicated) by the Customer on the website:
33 Chemin Darbousson 06560 Valbonne
(except Sundays and holidays afternoon and annual closure period).

However, failure to submit the Customer within 24 hours of the day and time slot initially
selected by it when ordering online, SARL ACF RED ROSE can not guarantee the freshness of the product.
Thus, at the end of this period of 24 hours, the Client shall not be entitled to any refund
related to the state of conservation and presentation of the product.
In any event, if the shelf life of the product are exceeded when the Customer has the product
will not be issued and the order will still be considered achieved.

6.b Shipping


Deliveries control can only take place in the following municipalities (delivery by ACF Sarl Rose


06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis
BIOT 06410
Chateauneuf de Grasse 06740
Opio 06550
Roquefort les Pins 06330
ROURET 06650
CANNES 06110
CANNES 06250
Antibes 06160
CANNES 06400
Gourdon 06620
FAT 06520

Articles presented on the site are only available on the common designated below

For other destinations the choice must be made on the site.
These other destinations will be broadcast by Interflora services, TELEFLEURS OR OR
Florajet and fixed costs are those determined by INTERFLORA OR OR TELEFLEURS Florajet for France
Metropolitan DOM-TOM and abroad. same respective Terms will be applicable from the transmission control
to one of these chain.
Shipping fees are different depending on the delivery location and are listed on the website for each municipality
when choosing the place of delivery by the Customer.
The delivery of the order will be executed at the address specified by the Client in the order, the date and
chosen by the Customer time slot (morning or after noon, precise only for religious ceremonies) by
delivery of products ordered in the hands of the consignee named in the order by the Customer.
The Client must ensure the presence of the recipient of the order at the place indicated in the order, on the day and beach
schedule specified by the Client in the order form.
Signed an acknowledgment of receipt by the addressee good is proof of the good performance of the service by
During bereavement (cemetery, church, temple, crematorium ...) or delivery in a public place (hospital, clinic, home
rest, retirement home, hotel, maternity, mayor ...), buyer should be aware that the delivery may not ticked off him
be provided upon request because of the difficulties encountered in these places by the florist running.
Any overrun of delivery can not give rise to damages.
Information for deliveries
No deliveries on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, they will not be taken into account.
Abroad, most florists are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.
Deliveries are made ​​Monday through so Saturday.
On the other hand, except for the ceremonies of mourning, no showtimes can not be guaranteed.


SARL ACF RED ROSE shall contact the recipient prior to each delivery. In the absence of the latter
time of delivery, the delivery leaves a notice in the mailbox of the recipient. The latter will then
come and collect the product ordered to the address specified on the notice in a maximum period of two days.
Alternatively, if the shelf life of the product are exceeded when the recipient is present, the product will
not issued and the order will still be considered achieved.


In case of incomplete address (lack of digital code information, the recipient's phone, etc..) Or inaccurate, and causing
failure to deliver the goods ordered by the Customer, the ACF RED ROSE SARL can not be held
responsible for this lack of delivery. In any event, the Client shall not be entitled to any refund or
compensation of any kind whatsoever.
SARL ACF RED ROSE will endeavor to contact the customer by email or telephone to the
inform difficulties and enable it to check / fill it with the coordinates of the recipient
for a new presentation of the product ordered on the same date and time range selected by the Customer and
accepted by the ACF SARL RED ROSE. The Customer is informed that this new delivery will take place in the
A common referred to in Article 6.B.1.
Customer will receive a summary email.
Sarl ACF Rose Red will charge Customer the costs involved in this second presentation delivered at
price listed on the website or in the email generated.


In case of refusal by the recipient of the item, it is not presented again. no
reimbursement or compensation of any kind whatsoever may be requested by the Client, the command
is considered completed and delivered.
The Customer will be informed by email.
SARL ACF RED ROSE nevertheless offers an opportunity for the client to come remove the product ordered at and
hours and days specified in Article 4, within a maximum of two days. Alternatively, if the shelf life of
product are exceeded when the client presents, the product will not be issued.


In case of non-compliance with the expected delivery date because of the ACF SARL RED ROSE (except in special cases exposed
Holidays in section 2), Customer may obtain the cancellation of the sale by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of
reception in case of exceeding the delivery date of the product than seven days and not due to a case of force
majeure (see details Delivery 6.b)
The contract, if any, considered broken the receipt by the ACF SARL ROSE RED, the letter
which the Customer informed of the decision, if the delivery is not made ​​between the sending and receiving of this letter.
Customer will be refunded the total amount paid as soon as possible and no later than thirty
days following the date of termination. In addition, the amount due is as of right, bear interest at the legal rate
in force. This reimbursement shall be made by any means of payment.


Prices associated with the command are shown on the Website. RED ROSE SARL ACF reserves the right to
change prices at any time but the products ordered are charged at prevailing prices on the website at
the registration of the order.
The prices do not include delivery charges, which will be indicated in addition to the price including VAT if the Customer
chosen delivery option.
Prices are in euros. Orders are payable in euros only.
The prices include the VAT applicable on the date of the order and any change in the applicable rate of VAT will
automatically reflected in the prices shown.
The verification page button indicates the freshest total amount of the order (price inclusive of delivery if
The payment is made ​​to order. The transfer of ownership of the products ordered will be effective that
after payment is received.
The Customer has several payment from the following:
- By credit or store card (MasterCard, Carte Aurore, 4 stars, Visa,) indicating directly in the designated area
this effect on the payment page the card number and its expiration date and the number of three-digit security
on the back of the card,

-Using Paypal


Pursuant to Article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to
Order bouquets, cut flowers and plants, with regard to the supply of products made ​​according to the
consumer's specifications and / or products which by nature can not be returned because they are likely to
to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
Moreover our products are perishable and fragile no returns or exchanges will be accepted after abduction
customer or delivery unless endorsed Sarl ACF Red Rose.


Insofar as the ACF SARL RED ROSE sells natural products, product photos shown on the site
internet are not contractual. The colors of the flowers and plants shown may vary slightly. Similarly, the
RED ROSE SARL ACF can not guarantee the life of flowers or plants, which depends particularly care
that they are provided by the recipient (spraying, show, water quality, temperature, etc.)
SARL ACF RED ROSE warrants that the goods delivered correspond to the textual description provided
on the Website (eg. round bouquet in shades of orange, red rose, red azalea, etc..).
In case of non-compliance of this nature, the Customer has a period of 2 working days after delivery to
make his claim by e-mail at or
SARL ACF RED ROSE will endeavor to replace the product at no cost to the Client. If replacement is
impossible, the Customer may return the product directly or through the recipient, and make refund the price, or
keep the product and to the return of part of the price.
In any event, in the context of such an error, the responsibility SARL ACF RED ROSE may not
exceed the refund of amounts paid plus any return postage.
Return Merchandise
Moreover our products are perishable and fragile no returns or exchanges will be accepted after abduction
customer or delivery unless endorsed Sarl Red Rose.
All product returns must be pre-formal agreement between ACF Sarl Rose Red and the buyer.


These Terms can be saved and printed by the Customer to conservation and reproduction.
Any order summary validated by the Customer constitutes an irrevocable commitment. This document, preserve,
is evidence of the Customer's order.
Pursuant to Article L.134-2 of the French Consumer Code, SARL ACF RED ROSE performs archiving
contracts concluded by electronic means on an amount exceeding 120 euros for a period of ten years
after their conclusion. Customer may obtain a copy of his contract by contacting ACF SARL RED ROSE
33 way Darbousson 06560 Valbonne


The website is the property of SARL ACF RED ROSE.
SARL ACF RED ROSE holds the intellectual property rights relating to any document image database
data, or other HTML pages created by it or on its behalf, and available on the website.
The use of the Website does not imply any assignment or licensing of intellectual property rights in favor of


SARL ACF RED ROSE states have completed the formalities as may be required from the Commission
National Data Processing and Liberties.
This website has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés under number


Site registered to CNIL under the reference U1v0308598Z dated 07/01/2012

The use of customer details is for the exclusive use of the ACF SARL ROSE RED and could not in any case
be transmitted to a third party (except for transmission Floral Company not covered by Acf Rose Red destinations for
execution of the command). In accordance with the law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the customer has a right of access and
rectification of its coordinates and may upon written request sent to ACF SARL RED ROSE, 33 way
Darbousson 06560 Valbonne, or e-mail asking to be removed from our files.
The information requested from the Customer is required to process the order and will be communicated
the ACF SARL ROSE RED, the carrier and the bank.
A failure to provide this information, the RED ROSE SARL ACF could not process the command.
Customer and / or the recipient of the order, may write to the ACF RED ROSE SARL, whose coordinates are
mentioned in article "Preamble" to exercise its rights of access, modification and rectification with respect to
information concerning and subject to treatment with ACF RED ROSE SARL, in accordance
by the law of January 6, 1978.
The Client has the right to object, free of charge, the data are used for the purposes
commercial prospecting for identical or similar products provided by SARL ACF RED ROSE.

RED ROSE SARL ACF can not be held liable for breach of contract in case of force majeure,
actions of third parties or by the Customer.


The sponsorship program, such as loyalty can only be used on the online store, and never in the


This contract is governed by French law. This is for the substantive rules as to the rules of any form
dispute will depend on the Tribunal de Grasse 06.